Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Weather in Salem is Crazy!

Okay, normally that title wouldn't apply, but this past week has been nuts! I wake up every morning not really sure of what I can accomplish for the day. Like today, for example, I woke up wanting to go to the gym. As of five minutes ago, I thought that would work out. Now it's snowing....again. Ha Ha. Gotta love it when we realize we have no control.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My very first blog post!

First of all, thank you Ferozah for inspiring me to create this blog...I have been wanting to do this forEVER, but all I needed was a call this morning to make it happen. I shouldn't be surprised, Ferozah has been my events coordinator and general motivator for over 10 years now. This would be a good place to post some old school picture, but since digital cameras weren't invented when we became friends, I'll have to scan some in later!

Something really fun happened this week: before the storm settled in and closed down Salem for a few days, my good friend and fantastic photographer, Shelby, took some pictures of Champ and I for our anniversary.

It was a wonderful experience...and a great reminder that even though we've been a couple for 8 years...married for 6, there is still something magical when we look into each other's eyes. Yes, it's official: I still love my husband very much!