Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kinetic Art ( AKA a mobile!)

It's been a while since I've posted, so I thought I would start this post with a lovely self portrait...but since I don't have any lovely self portraits handy, this is what you get! So this story begins with a new friendship that has come into my life. That sounds really funny on re-reading that last sentence! This person has a cool sensibility, can be incredibly silly at inappropriate times (which I love) and is also incredibly creative and artistic. My new friend came over for our first play date on a Friday night. Our goal: to make kinetic art.
We started with light weight coated wire, cut four lengths. Each length we bent with pliers and made spiraled ends.
A California Red and some acrylic paints...all good things.

This is the mess we left...I guess you've wondered, "where is this new friend?" Well...silly me, I didn't remember the camera until the next day. Maybe the Red had something to do with it?

These are some shot of the finished mobile. My completed mobile became a gift for the Walker family for their new baby. I made 7 double-sided pieces of mini art to be clipped onto the mobile. This type of mobile utilizes tiny alligator clips so that any type of 2D art or photos can be changed out.

This is the finished mobile. I hope it looks fabulous in its' new home. I will definitely be making more of these....thanks Heather for the fun play date!