Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Eve Party!!

This was the first New Year's Eve where we didn't have any major plans...the changes of having children!! At the last minute we decided that we wanted to party and put on our party clothes.

Champ in his pimp party gear! I promise I will get better at putting together these posts...I had intended a different order for these pictures and had a few more in mind. Oh well.

Olivia put together her own outfit. The side pony tail is all mine!

Deven got fully into character, once that mustache was put on, he was hard core!

Our New Year's toast...the kid's got to have some Pepsi...we had something a little stronger :0)
Blessings in 2009 to you all!

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  1. You have the most beautiful, adorable family! What a great way to welcome the new year.