Monday, November 9, 2009

A Blessed Commute

I saw nature's amazing touch on my Friday morning commute last week. The sun is such a blessing when we get into the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest. I was driving my daily 20 minute drive through rain and fog when all of a sudden, the sky opened up and rays of light punctuated the darkened morning sky. Forgive the mock poetry. It so took me by surprise, I had to grab my camera and try to not cross into oncoming traffic while getting this shot. The beauty is well worth the risk. I only wish I had gotten a picture of my squinty eyes and genuine smile of gratitude.
And then, I caught this on my drive home again on the same day. I love Oregon!


  1. Very cool pics especially both from the same day!! The lighting on the first one is so amazing ~ Good eye there!


  2. Showing rainbow in the sky is so pleasure to looks.We can show seven colours in the sky at the same time.Rainbow is mostly show in the rainy sessions and in the hilly ares.

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