Sunday, October 11, 2009

Art on a ....Bra?

That's right, I said bra. As in brazier, over the shoulder boulder holder etc etc. The challenge was given to me by my good friend Dayna, who heard about the project at Mary Lou Zeek's gallery in Salem aptly named, Bra Ball. This is all done in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Dayna gave me this fabulous bra (a DD no less!) to get started on...what to do, what to do????

When in doubt, I usually start with gesso. Okay, my girls are primed and ready...but for what?

How about....
Gold circles???
Yep, shiny gold paint is always a plus.

Next, a coating of sky blue...still wondering where this is going? So am I at this point....

So why not some dark blue for contours....hand painted of course!

And the final touch for day 1...some star stamps. Yikes. This sure is a challenging one.
So I enlist the help of my two favorite creatives, Olivia and Deven.

They are both so full of ideas for the bra, they can't wait to get started...oh the possibilities!

More paint, in green and brown!
I hate to be a party pooper....but this is where our bra is stuck. Great bluish mounds with gold tops, rounded by stars with green sides. Any ideas my friends? Anyone?


  1. First, a clarification. I GAVE the bra to Destree, but it came from the store, NOT my drawer! Both my feet would fit into a DD over the shoulder boulder holder! Second, I love it, especially the photo of cute little Deven painting away on a bra. I wonder if he will someday need therapy over this?.....

  2. If painting on a bra is going to land him in therapy, boy am I in trouble! :0) It's funnier thinking that you gave me one from your drawer...especially such a boob-a-licious size ha