Sunday, October 18, 2009

From a Child's Eyes

These are my kids, Olivia and Deven. You probably already know that! I wanted to preface this post with that info because this is going to be all about them, or rather, their perspective. As a family, we attended the opening night of the Launchpad Gallery's Family Show. Fitting, right? This is not the first art event the kids have attended, last year we took them to another opening show and they had fun. The secret? Give them a camera, and let them go! So, here is the show from a child's perspective. Enjoy!
Dayna's piece Never Enough Time (click HERE to see her post about this piece)

Ms. Dayna herself! By the way, she did an extensive post about the opening night also, click HERE to check out her blog, and views of the show from Dayna's eyes.

My dear husband, Champ, from the side.
The photographers, out from behind the lense.

My piece Lonesome Wanderer.
Deven and his mama.

The them was 'family' and it was great to see so many interpretations. I would love to talk with this artist to hear the connection. That's the amazing thing about art: it doesn't have to make sense to anyone but the artist.

Deven (with Dayna's hubbie, Howard, in the background)

Shelby's piece All That Remains.

Cute pic of Dayna and I...but who is the curious on-looker in the rear?

Howard is the cutest! I wish I knew which piece intrigued him so...

I guess this means goodbye! I hope you enjoyed the view.


  1. Yes, who was that interloper getting on our personal photo!!??!! Thanks for not using the "grumpy" photo that Olivia took of me! Your kids are the cutest ever and I love seeing how they view things through a lens . . .

  2. Congratulations, looks like you have a couple of very talented photographers on your hands. Welcome back to the world of blog.