Friday, October 16, 2009

Customer Appreciation at Life Source

Last weekend, Champ and I happened on a great event when we went to Life Source Natural Foods for our grocery shopping. October 10th was the store's Customer Appreciation Day, and it was a fun gathering of vegetarian food, organic wine and beer, music and people.

This was the BBQ...all veggies and fruit. Ever had grilled fresh pineapple? How about a pear? Delicious. All were marinated in balsamic vinegar, safron oil and herbes de provance (my spelling is off on that one).
Also some Tofurky sausage for the more traditional bbq flavor :0).

Of course I only got pictures of the food, but the best part of the gathering was the people. Generous, warm and interesting to say the least. If you haven't been to Life Source, check it out. Shopping for groceries can become an event and not just a chore.

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  1. Lifesource's Customer Appreciation Day is a great Salem event and I'm glad you stumbled upon it. I'm not even hungry and my mouth is watering (even for the Tofurkey sausages - but then again, we serve Tofurkey on Thanksgiving!).