Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lemons Into Lemon Meringue

Question: What do you do when your bathroom is having some work done, and you are without a toilet or shower for the night? Answer: Hotel time! This was Champ's answer to this very same question last Wednesday night. And off to the Red Lion we went to surprise the kiddos with a mid-week night out.
Little happy campers in their bed.

"Mom, you never let us jump on the beds at home!"

And the best part?
(other than a great glass elevator)

An indoor swimming pool to hide out from the rain!

Champ and I sat poolside while the kids got their swim on....2 hours. Seriously!

And the next morning, up bright and early for "Crazy Hair Day" at school. This is Deven's gelled and spiked 'do.
Libby opted for starfish buns :0)

Sheesh, I need help fomatting! This was Deven going to sleep (obviously).

The pool was so much fun, I had to leave you with this parting shot! So the lesson from all of this: When life hands you lemons, make yourself some lemon meringue!

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  1. Your kids are so beautiful and I admire you and your family beyond words.