Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zombies Attack!

Yes, it's true! As part of Culture Shock Community Project's 13 Days of Halloween, October 22 was the night of the Salem Zombie Walk. Who wouldn't want to participate in that? Knowing that my kids love Halloween, Zombies, and anything that allows them to put on a costume, this was the perfect event. Come along with us for our walk through Salem....

First of all, we needed makeup!

No, I'm usually not THIS beautiful.

The kids in their full zombie mode.

The Grand Marshall of the Zombie Parade.

A beautifully dead bride.

A young zombie family. 'Danger' is this baby's middle name...literally!

Deven in full character....her really got into the spirit.

This guy's costume was great...

After the walk, we had fun taking pictures and freaking people out on our walk back to the capital.

Gross! Where are this kid's parents?

Zombie girl and her Mama.

We had a great time stepping outside our usual routine. If you are in Salem, check out the rest of the events scheduled for the remaining 13 days of Halloween. And watch out for the undead, they do indeed exist!


  1. You guys really went all out! So cool. Destree - could you email me please? I received your comment but do not have your email address to send the info. Thanks!!!

  2. This all pictures are really horable.I really scared by showing this photos and think this what is done with this people.I pry to god that please help this type of people.


  3. And I say to you, dear Andrew, get a sense of humor and start enjoying the little things.